Quality Builders Supply


The products listed are what we keep in stock, but please feel free to call with any question for special ordering or any other questions.

Water Proofers and Sealers
Silaxane Water-Repellent
Diedrich 303 Silox Seal 4%, 10%, 15%
TK 290-8
Euclid Weather Guard
        Silicone Polymers
Diedrich 33,  Omega Seal 6%, 10%, 15%, 20%
        Air Barriers-Cavity& Below Grade 
Pro-So-Co - R-Gaurd

Masonry Cleaners
SureKlean-600, Vana-Trol
Dietric 202, 202V 

Aspir-Solo- Safety Solvent Cleaner
Diedrich 101 Efflorescence Cleaner
Diedrich Specialty Cleaners
Euclid Concrete Balster- Disolves Concrete 

Concrete Products
Masonry Products
Masonry Products
Misc. Products